How to Take Care of European Hair Wigs so They Last Longer

European hair wigs are classy and exquisite when worn. However, few ladies buy them because of the belief that human hair takes a lot to maintain. Nevertheless, with the few tips you are about to learn, your European lady wig should last longer than you know. Visit to find out more about European Hair Wigs
Wash your wig properly
Wash your wig gently and with lukewarm water to avoid damaging it. Use a high quality, but mild, shampoo and a comb to apply the shampoo evenly using top to bottom strokes. Once you are done, again rinse only with cool to lukewarm water. Rinse the hair from top to bottom and on the inside of the wig. This ensures all the shampoo soap is rinsed out of the hair. Never rub through the hair roughly, as you would your hair, while shampooing or rinsing the wig.  After rinsing with water, dub the European ladies wig gently with a towel. Then let the wig air dry before conditioning it. Never use any form of heat to dry the wig, you will risk damaging the wig’s skin top or loosen the knots holding the strands of hair.
Conditioning your wig
It is important to condition your European hair wigs after every wash. Only use the conditioners designed for human hair wigs. Sometimes you may have to use more than two shampoos on your wig; the European wigs need a little extra pampering to look great
Styling your wig
The last part of grooming your European lady wig is styling them. First, you want to get rid of the tangles that show up at the nape. To do this, just use a soft bristled brush to comb through gently and remove the tangles. Use a wider comb or wider bristled comb to untangle the knots; regular off the shelf combs do not do a good job as such. Finally, for better results, use a finishing spray to make the strands smoother leaving behind an alluring glow just like the first time you bought the wig.  Keep in mind that human hair is thinner than synthetic hair thus is more prone to thinning. So you may need to comb your wig every day to keep it looking prim.

Tips to remember:
-Only dab your European wig gently with a towel to dry it. Never wring or squeeze the wig to rinse off excess water
-A conditioner helps maintain the wig’s natural glow. A conditioner works best when the wig is a little wet
-Never use any form of heat to dry your wig. If you really have to style or curl with heat, use ceramic made tongs
-European human wigs last longer if they maintain their moisture. Spray your wig with a finishing spray like Biosilk
-Only wash your wig with cold to lukewarm water; the same for rinsing it
Agreed, European human hair wigs are a lot of work to maintain. Nevertheless, you eventually get the hang of things and your wig continues to look natural and lustrous with every extra care you give it. These easy care tips will work for your European wig and any other human hair wig you own. Visit the European Hair wigs page to see the wide selection of hair wigs available.

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