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You have found Laser Light For Hair Growth – The most honest, accurate, and dependable laser light therapy provider in the country, specializing only in low-level laser therapy treatment options for hair loss. Managed by hair restoration specialists with over 15 years of experience in the hair loss industry, we are availability to ensure our clients utilize only the finest and most effective hair loss therapy treatment plans. We provide exclusively the best industry leading products for laser light therapy such as LaserCap®, Capillus272®, and iGrow.

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“Hi John, So far I am very happy with the results of my Hair Laser Treatment. My perception is that is working because my hair is not falling as much as it used to and it also feels thicker, looks fuller and overall looks healthier.”

Margaret, Hollywood, FL – 6 months using the iGrow™
“I have been completely satisfied and surprised by the results from using the LaserCap. Using the cap has given me thicker hair and I found it to be very easy to use, fitting in very well with my busy lifestyle. I travel a lot for work and I use it when I’m out of town on business. I would highly recommend this product for all your patients.”

Joshua B., Miami Beach, FL
“The laser light hair therapy is easy to use and I’ve experienced little to no hair loss since using it. It only takes a short session a few times a week.”

“I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the iGrow™ unit. I’m seeing much better results (faster growing, more lush looking and hardly any hair falling out-you know-on the shower floor etc). than I did with my other 2 transplants. People are asking me if I changed my hair style – love it! Wishing you the best.”



At-Home Low -Level Laser Light Therapy Devices

LaserCap® At-Home Low-Level Laser

The Most Powerful Laser On The Market
This home laser device is touted as the most convenient and effective at-home laser device available on the market today that is accessible for purchase through only approved distributors around the world. With 224-low level lasers for scalp coverage and maximum efficacy, you will experience amazing results in just few weeks. In a nutshell, this laser device is light, simple and comfortable to use. Not to mention that it also has the ability to stand the test of time.

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Capillus272® At-Home Low-Level Laser

Perfect For Women Struggling With Hair Loss
The Capillus272® at-home laser is the newest laser device that has been brought into the market place. This laser has bee found to be ideal for female patients that have temporal receding of their hairline. Though any patient, male or female who has hair loss can use it just as effectively. The Capillus272® like the LaserCap® provides mobility with the use of a rechargeable battery and can easily be concealed in a hat, scarf, or other forms of head covering.

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iGrow™ At-Home Low-Level Laser

Affordable But Still Very Effective
This is one of the most affordable, well-known and convenient laser options for safe, fast and effective hair growth. It combines low-level lasers and 51 LEDs for superior performance that can be worn while you are reading or watching TV, as it easily plugs directly into wall outlets.

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With the many different options in the marketplace for low-level laser light therapy it can be hard to choose what actually works effectively and more importantly what is the right option for you. That is exactly why we are here to help. Apart from these laser devices, there are many other reasons and factors as to why you need to entrust your hair loss to our hair restoration specialists. With our Hair Restoration experts, we take pride in providing our extensive knowledge, experience, and proven track record in helping patients and customers struggling with hair loss. We strive and focus to give them the best possible treatments plans and devices to accurately target hair loss issues.


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